Raines Engineering, Electromagnetic Analysis & Design, Jeremy K. Raines

Since 1972, Raines Engineering has provided consulting services concerning electromagnetic fields, especially radiating and scattering systems. Custom simulations of antennas and radar targets are used extensively to solve problems involving Computer generated line drawing of aircraft. Software developed by Jeremy K. Raines. complicated geometries and multi-media environments. Past projects have included computer generated models of aircraft, ships, submarines, satellites, broadcast towers, and buildings. Frequencies have included practically the entire electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from ELF through quasi-optical.

Client firms are diverse in size and interests. They range from individual professionals to the world's largest corporations and U.S. Government agencies. Their interests include defense and industrial electronics, commercial radio and television broadcasting, and environmental/architectural hazards and interference.

Principal investigator at this firm is Jeremy K. Raines, an M.I.T. graduate (both B.S. and Ph.D. in Electromagnetics), and a registered Professional Engineer.