Raines Engineering, Electromagnetic Analysis & Design, Jeremy K. Raines

Project Histories

Period of Performance   Type of Client / Contract Number   Approximate Level of Effort   Description of Task
2008   Subcontractor to major cellular telephony network   1 man-month   Measure and create mathematical model of manmade interference to communication between individual cell phones and base stations, and examine FCC rules that may prohibit such interference.
2007   Major manufacturer of advanced technology radio   4 man-months   Derive original mathematical formulations, create computer simulation, and explore different design options for receiving antennas.
2003   Venture capital group   2 man-months   Calculations and simulations of a frequency-agile, agricultural radar.
2002-2004   Broadcast consulting firm   3 man-months   Derive original mathematical formulas and create computer simulation of advanced folded unipole antennas.
2002   Major owner and leasor of urban antenna sites   1 man-month   Simulate and evaluate the radiation pattern of a dual band (806 MHz and 960 MHz) antenna, including its interaction with the Empire State Building at different locations on that building, with the goal of obtaining best coverage.
2001   Major owner and leasor of communications towers   6 man-months   Simulate, compare, and present to zoning authorities the advantages and disadvantages of different mountain top locations for communication towers with multiple digital television broadcast antennas, with respect to coverage, interference, and compliance with standards for exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
2001   Subcontractor to U.S. Coast Guard   2 man-months   Create computer simulation of Loran signal and then simulate and evaluate the response of pass-reject filters to that signal.
1998   Ultra Wideband Device manufacturer   3 man-months   Simulate electromagnetic fields from multiple Ultra Wideband transmitters, and evaluate potential interference to existing communication and navigation systems.
1998   Broadcast network   1 man-week   Measure electromagnetic radiation from an FM broadcast station at various residential locations, and compare measurements with FCC standards for exposure to that radiation.
1995   Prime contractor to U.S. Department of Defense   3 man-months   Develop original computer simulation for radar scattering cross sections, using a generalized trapezoidal surface as the fundamental basis for constructing any arbitrary 3-dimensional shape.
1995   Prime contractor to U.S. Army   1 man-month   Evaluate expected electromagnetic interference to Ultra Wide Band communication transceivers, over frequencies ranging from 100 MHz to 3 GHz.
1994   Commercial developer   2 man-weeks   Measure and create graphic display of ambient electromagnetic radiation, at power and radio broadcast frequencies, inside a commercial building in close proximity to the Empire State Building, prior to complete interior remodeling effort.
1993   International electronics company   2 man-weeks   Detuning: Simulate 656-foot communications tower and modifications for minimizing electromagnetic scattering of incident signals at three different broadcast band frequencies.
1992-1993   Multimedia broadcast network   6 man-weeks   Create numerical simulation of interference by communication tower guy wires with broadcast antennas.
1992-1993   Prime contractor to U.S. Navy   5 man-weeks   Create numerical simulation of Ku-band radar antenna and then formulate techniques to reduce side and back lobe radiation.
1992   Wall Street investment bank   2 man-weeks   Evaluate proposals for reducing magnetic field interference to computer work stations.
1992   Broadcast engineering firm   1 man-week   Derive mathematical formulas and perform computer simulation of folded unipole antennas for operation at multiple frequencies.
1991   Prime contractor to U.S. Air Force   2 man-months   Antenna site selection and radio wave propagation path analysis for UHF communication systems.
1991   International financial organization   1 man-month   Review architectural design for new office building with a view towards minimizing magnetic fields.
1990-1992   Venture capital group   2 man-years   Perform measurements and simulations of antennas, radio wave propagation, and signal processing for ultra wideband, wireless communication network.
1990-1991   Maryland law firm   2 man-months   Calculate electromagnetic fields in vicinity of proposed EHV power line.
1990   Venture capital group   2 man-weeks   Evaluate enginering proposal for millimeter wave television network.
1986-1990   Prime Dept. of Defense contractor   3 man-years   Compute monostatic and bistatic radar cross sections for various aircraft.
1986   Prime U.S. Government contractor   6 man-months   Compute unwanted electromagnetic fields inside large office building and simulate possible ways to eliminate same.
1986   Radar systems manufacturer   1 man-month   Formulate design constraints for compact anechoic chambers.
1984-1985   Manufacturer of electronic security devices and systems   6 man-months   Analyze and design various small antennas for security of retail merchandise.
1983   Board of Directors for high rise condominium   1 man-month   Measure electromagnetic fields due to broadcast antennas on roof of high rise, and analyze possible bio-electromagnetic effects of same.
1981-1984   Prime contractor to U.S. Navy   3 man-years   Write antenna-related sections of technical proposal, and then design antennas for submarines.
1981-1983   NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
  18 man-months   Design dielectric horn antennas for satellite deployment in 60 GHz band.
1981   Hawaiian citizens group   1 man-week   Perform critical review of engineering statement concerning environmental effects of a high power navigation beacon.
1980-1981   NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
  2 man-months   Review and summarize reported effects of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation of humans.
1980-1981   Prime contractor to U.S. Dept of Transportation
  2 man-months   Simulate overhead cable antenna systems.
1978-1980   Prime contractor to U.S. Dept. of Transportation
  1 man-year   Write antenna-related sections of technical proposal, and then analyze various broadcast band buried cable antennas.
1978-1979   Subcontractor to U.S. Dept. of Defense   1 man-year   Contrast and compare various data transmission systems for tactical use in Central Europe.
1978-1979   Prime contractor to U.S. Air Force   1 man-year   Design L-band and UHF antennas for F-4, F-16, and A-10 avionics modules.
1978   Fairfax County (Virginia) Attorney   1 man-month   Investigate possible bio-electromagnetic effects and alternatives to residential EHV power lines.
1977   Small manufacturer   1 man-month   Develop theory of electromagnetic air cleaners.
1976   Subcontractor to U.S. Army   2 man-months   Simulate scanning Cassegrain antenna.
1975 - 1988   George Washington University   1 man-year   Develop and lecture a short course on antenna analysis.
1974   Small R & D firm   4 man-months   Simulate radar targets in close proximity to the interface between air and sea water.
1972-1974   Dept. of Defense
  2 man-years   Derive and solve an original integral equation for the electromagnetic fields and propagation of constants of a dielguide with rectangular cross section.
1972 to Present   Various radio engineering consulting firms   Assorted tasks, 1 man-month or less   Design and analyze antennas, antenna arrays, electromagnetic interference, and propagation paths for commercial radio, television, and cellular communication applications.